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We have all the best possible equipment available to the trade and such this is the reason why we can produce such a high & safe standard of valeting. Plus we are Fully Insured upto £5,000,000. We only use a 2 bucket method & a lambs wool mitt to eliminate the possibility of swirl and scratch marks being made to your vehicle.


We are the only Valeting Centre in the area who use Snow foam to pre-wash your vehicle which means it allows us to obtain a cleaner and safer finish. Every car no matter whether it is just a simple wash or a ultimate valet will get a snow foam pre wash applied to it.


Our attention to detail is second to none and we feel that our reputation is the most important part of our business. You will only receive the most exclusive customer service and highest standard of work possible. We know your vehicle is your pride and joy and here at South East Vehicle Valeting, we respect this and treat your vehicle as we would treat our own vehicles.

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