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Washing your car in Haywards Heath and caring it for this summer: what you need to know

Summer is here and for many it is a time for weekend getaways, cross country trips, and picnics. All of these activities have one thing in common: your car is going to feature heavily in the equation. How can you make sure it doesn’t break down or lose much of its shine over the course of the summer? Here are some tips for you.

Washing your car in Haywards Heath over the summer

The paint on your car is better than what you would find on a car from, say, a decade ago. However, poor handling of the washing process over the summer could eat deep into the durability of your paint. Here are some things you should do:a

Wash regularly and get rid of dirt quickly

If your car is in use regularly over this period, you should car wash at least once a week.  This is to avoid dirt from sitting for too long on the paint. In the same way, you should have a microfiber cloth and quick detailing spray easily available in your car as you drive around, especially when headed to your favourite vacation spots. This will ensure bird droppings are dealt with as soon as they happen, without having to wait to get home or to a car wash.

Wash cars in the morning or evening

Get a clean car wash mitt and a proper car wash liquid and wash your car when temperatures are lower.  There are many good products available on the market, but don’t make the mistake of using a dishwasher detergent. During washing, use the right products on your wheels.  The combination of a wrong product and of summer heat may be deadly for the finish on your wheels.

Wax your car

Just as you would cover your body with UV protection as you head out every day in the summer sun, it is important to have your car waxed before the summer holidays begin. You may miss waxing your car before any other season in the year but you wouldn’t want to make that mistake before summer. Unless you are a professional, do not use a rotary buffer during the waxing process, this is a very quick way to ruin your paint.

General Haywards Heath car care for the summer

Car washes in Haywards Heath, and getting it ready for summer, is only one half of the equation. You need to make sure everything else is in order, for a smooth drive every time you head out. Here are some tips you can work with.

Have a look at your tires

As the air temperature soars over the summer months, the pressure in tires will equally increase.  This means you are risking a blowout or severely worn tires if you drive around the summer with over-inflated tires. Have your tires checked this summer. This is even more important if you intend to go on a long road trip!

Renew the oil

A mid-road trip breakdown can be avoided by changing your car oil. You are probably thinking your oil doesn’t need changing as you last changed it 3 months ago but that is not a good indicator to work with. Mileage is often a safer gauge to follow.  A single long trip can leave your car oil dirtier than normal so it is best to begin the summer with clean oil.

Ensure the engine is always cool

There are several factors that contribute to a cool engine. Clean oil is one, but proper coolant level, strong hoses, strong belts, and a clean radiator are equally important. If one of these pieces is out of place, you will most likely experience failure and overheating over the hot summer days.

Get new wipers

The winter period throws a whole lot of ice, salt, and snow on the windscreen. Add to this the freezing temperatures and you will see that winter is very harsh on windshield wiper blades. It is therefore not a good idea to go on a road trip with subpar wipers. It is summer, but there is no telling when the thunderstorms will hit, forcing you to drive with poor visibility. Replace the whole blade to ensure you are well equipped to face any weather.

Get the A/C in prime condition

The bright summer weather can quickly become annoying if your air conditioning stops working while you are on the highway.  It is even worse if it fails when you are stuck in heavy traffic.  If your AC isn’t functioning optimally, you probably have a leak.  Take your car to a professional for in-depth inspection and repair.

Have a look at your breaks

You could ignore some of the things we have covered thus far and get off with a slap on the wrist. However, neglecting your car brakes is a recipe for sure disaster (sometimes fatal). If you notice anything that doesn’t feel right with your braking system as you drive around, don’t hesitate to have it looked at before you take your car along in your summer vacations. Many people overlook this pre-trip safety check, sometimes with devastating consequences. Accidents that could impact your health are scary and costly, of course, but even a minor crash could leave your car not moving for long. Both of these situations can be avoided by ensuring highly functioning brakes.

You may not have considered how your car fits into your summer living and you may consider some of the things covered here as expensive. However, your summer holidays could take a costlier turn if you neglect some of the things we discussed. By taking note of the advice mentioned here before you head into the summer, you will be able to ensure the continued efficiency of your vehicle long after the summer ends.

Get your car in shape, take adequate care of it, and you have fun during the summer, making memories you will cherish for years to come.