At South East Vehicle Valeting, we are car enthusiasts, and drivers who love a clean great looking car. Every driver, our team included, has backed his or her car over a kerb while parking in the city or turning into a car park.  For a driver with alloy wheels there is nothing more frustrating, as now they are damaged and no longer look bright and shiny. Kerbing repairs are one of the most common repairs that need to be done to a set of alloy wheels.


There are also many other forces of nature and driving that will cause Alloy Wheels to look less than optimal. Potholes in the roads, road salt, sand, dirt roads and other forces a car is subject to during driving can make your alloy wheels look terrible.


But there is no need to despair and accept your wheels looking terrible, or worse outright replace them. South East Vehicle Valeting and our team of professionals can restore even the most heavily damaged of alloy wheels. When we are finished with your wheels your neighbours will assume you bought a new set.



The refinishing service provided deals entirely with cleaning up the look of damaged or dirtied alloy wheels. We use industry-leading training to examine your wheels and determine the refinishing needed to make them look brand new. There are three primary finishes for alloy wheels:

  • Painted – Painted alloy wheels are painted to achieve a certain look. Therefore they are the most venerable to scratches and most often in need of a repair. Typically they are vulnerable to kerbs, salt, and dirt. In the case of painted wheels the team at South East Vehicle Valeting will paint them to make them look brand new.
  • Machined Wheels – Machined alloy wheels are a lot less easy to scratch and scuff. They are not painted, except for raised or indented bits, and are generally solid aluminum alloy. Kerbs can do a number on aluminum alloy wheels by leaving deep scratches.
  • Chrome Polished Wheels – These are difficult to damage, and while they are scratch resistant they are generally very weak when it comes to salt.



South East Vehicle Valeting and our team of experts also provide alloy wheel straightening. Over time potholes and contact kerbs can leave dents around the rim of the wheel leading to an imperfect seal with the tyre. This can lead to lost fuel efficiency, and a constant need to put air in the tyres.


South East Vehicle Valeting strives to keep your vehicle looking great and in top shape. Our expert team is always happy to provide a quote on repairs, and a range of services from wheel repairs to dent removal. At South East Vehicle Valeting when you use more than one of our valeting services you get a 25% discount on the second service undertaken.