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Why Autoglm Products Are the First Choice for Pro Car Valeters

Any good pro car valeter understands the importance of using quality products to care for vehicles. Autoglym products are manufactured using the latest technology making them the best choice for professional car valeters. At South East Vehicle Valeting, we understand that high end services can only be achieved through the use of the very best products; that’s why we use and recommend Autoglym.
Autoglym offers a wide range of products that cater for different parts of your car. They offer professional cleaning products that cover all the core requirements of a valet company, that is: cleaning, polishing and waxing. Some of the products offered include;

1. Acid Wheel Cleaner

The Acid Wheel Cleaner focuses primarily on the wheels, as the name suggests, and is best suited for vehicles with wheels filled with mud, grease and grime. The acid wheel cleaner helps remove dirt from the wheels faster than ordinary shampoo, without ruining the wheel surfaces. Before using the cleaner, it should first be diluted to reduce its recommended concentration.

The acid wheel cleaner is a great way to get rid of dirt on your wheels using half the energy needed when using ordinary shampoo. Since the cleaner is made specifically for the wheels, you have peace of mind that you are using the right product.


2. Advanced TFR (Super Strength)

Autolglym’s Advanced TFR is a rinsing detergent that eliminates grease, oil and dirt that may have accumulated on the vehicle (traffic film). The foaming detergent can be used on all vehicle exteriors. It comes strongly concentrated, hence only a small portion is used for every wash.

One of the benefits of using Advanced TFR (Super Strength) is that you can dilute the concentration to meet your requirements- if the vehicle has not been cleaned for a long time, a more concentrated solution may be preferred to eliminate the traffic film. The end result of using the rinsing detergent is a glossy, water repellent exterior that reduces the time required to dry the vehicle.


3. Car Shampoo

Autoglym Car shampoo is manufactured with your paintwork in mind. Autoglym ensures that all its car shampoos products do no damage to the paint of cars, making it safe to use on any paintwork. The car shampoo is a concentrated detergent that breaks down and binds to the dirt on the exterior of the car; ready to be rinsed away. Autoglym Car Wash Shampoo is a favourite for car valet pros, as a little detergent goes a long way.

When you use Autoglym shampoos you are assured of a well cleaned vehicle with a pleasant fragrance that lasts for days after the wash; fast, paintwork friendly and incredibly effective at removing even stubborn dirt and grime.

4. Glass Polish

Autoglym Glass Polish is an easy to use polish that enables fantastic results using minimum polish and effort. It cleans all automotive glass surfaces and is a low dust solution. A small amount of the polish is applied on the glass. The glass is then polished until all the traffic film is removed. The glass is then cleaned with a microfiber cloth. The end result is a flawless shine and much saved time.
Autoglym products are renowned in the car valeting industry for their quality. If you are looking for products to use on your car in the driveway at home then we always recommend that you go for what the pros use!