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Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection Review

Autoglym is a name that is synonymous with quality in the car cleaning and protection world. This extra gloss protection is appropriate for cars of all types, and all paintwork, including metallic paint, water-based finishes and clearcoat. This is not a cleaner and does not contain any polishing agents. That is not what it is about. It is an extra protection system that goes on after you have done your cleaning and polishing. It makes your paintwork look terrific now, and protects it between applications so that it stays in great condition.

So what does it do?

Autoglym extra gloss protection provides an extra tough protection layer and sealant that ensures that your car comes up shining beautifully after every wash in the future. You will notice your car is still shining better than ever after washing it a year after applying this protection. It really does last that long.  It will also ensure the paintwork stays in better condition for longer. Paintwork really can let a car down, but not when you ise Autoglyn Extra Gloss Protection. You’ll be surprised at the amazing deep gloss shine that this product maintains on your vehicle.

Is it better than the competition?

We have done split tests on Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection and found that it is the best product for this job on the market that we know about. We have tested against most of the competitors- we won’t name names- and found that the finish is better and the results last for longer. There are other good products out there, but this is the product that professionals in the trade trust. That says a lot.

This Extra Gloss Protection is suitable for all types of paintwork and all colours of car. It is equally good on a black, silver, red, green or a neon yellow car. It doesn’t discriminate.

It is quite simply a product that does exactly what it says it does on the bottle.