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Lifeshine: How Long Does It Last?

Autoglym Lifeshine is a product that is designed for new cars. It is also suitable for nearly new cars. We all know the smell of a brand-new car. We love the showroom finish. Unfortunately, neither will last unless you protect your car in the best way possible, and that means Autoglym Lifeshine.

What does it do?

Autoglym Lifeshine involves a process whereby a protective coating is added on your bodywork, your interior and your windows to protect them.

How long is the exterior protected?

The exterior paintwork of the vehicle, and exterior features are protected for the life of the vehicle. The protective coating from Autoglym ensures that the showroom deep shine never goes. All you need to do is make sure that you look after the vehicle in a common sense way. To help you with this you are provided, for free, with a full pack of Autoglym products for cleaning, protection and polishing.

Upholstery and windows?

The upholstery of your vehicle will have a protective sealant added to it. That will mean that spillages do not turn into stains, and your upholstery is wipe clean. How long does it last? It lasts for the lifetime of your vehicle. As long as you have your car you will have peace of mind.

The treatment of your windows ensures that you have better visibility, again for the lifetime of your vehicle. This increases safety. What is that worth?

How long does it last?

It is worth repeating… This is not a product that is designed to last three months, six months or a year. It lasts for literally years and years. Autoglym Lifeshine is a product for life. You even receive a lifetime warranty. Precious few other products are confident enough to do that.