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Autoglym Lifeshine Is It Worth The Money?

Autoglym Lifeshine protects the exterior of your vehicle from acid rain, industrial fallout and dirt, UV rays and detergent. It protects the interior of your vehicle from spillages, and the inevitable accidents that happen.

Your car never stays the same

You will have noticed in the past that when you buy a new or nearly new car it does not take that long for things to start degrading. The showroom shine starts to fade. The interior suffers a stain. Things just are not as perfect as they were when you bought the vehicle.

This has a number of effects, and when you start to calculate the worth of using Autoglym Lifeshine you realise that there is direct £££ worth in terms of resale value, and intangible value in terms of peace of mind and how you feel about the car.

Resale value

A lot of the value of a car is tied up in its condition. When you put the car on Auto Trader, or any other website, you are competing against many cars of the same model, unless it is a Lamborghini Diablo. If your car is in pristine condition you will be able to command a much better price. Just being able to add “as new condition” in the advert will make a lot of difference. The condition of your vehicle could make thousands of pounds difference in the final sale price.

Peace of mind

Autoglym Lifeshine gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your car should be in the same condition it is in now in years to come. It will be protected when you take it with car wash. It will be protected from the natural elements that damage the paint work. It will be protected when a coffee is spilt on the seats.

Pride in your vehicle

When you buy your car you are proud of it. You puff your chest out as you walk over to it and get in. As it becomes more ‘average’, you do this less and less. The buzz you got from the car at the beginning fades away with the deterioration of the condition of the car.

How would you value Autoglym Lifeshine if the car kept giving you that buzz forever? This is the intangible worth of this product. It makes you happier for longer! It keeps you proud of your car.

It is clear that Autoglym Lifeshine could be worth a great deal financially over the course of your ownership of your vehicle. Perhaps the biggest worth though comes through these intangibles. Autoglym Lifeshine, in essence takes how you feel about your car now and seals it in a bottle so you never lose that feeling.