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Autoglym’s Three Step Routine to Taking Care Of Your Car.

Any car owner knows the importance of taking good care of their vehicle. Finding a good valeting company is pretty important. You need to trust that they will take car of your vehicle by using quality products.

At South East Vehicle Valeting, you are assured of a quality service, and that we use quality products/. We take good care of your vehicle leaving it as new as the first day it was bought; well, as new looking as possible!

South East Vehicle has built a strong reputation with local car owners, car garages even taxi firms. The company uses top of the line products from Autoglym. Autoglym manufacture products that are made using state of the art technology to get the best possible results, whilst ensuring the surfaces being cleaned are never compromised.

Autoglym products facilitate a terrific three step routine that cares for your interior, wheels and body work. Let’s take a look at what car valet pros do, and what those that really care about their cars do at home;


1. Clean

All the dirt is removed by using either the Autoglym Car Shampoo for the bodywork and interior and a Cleaning Tool Kit for the wheels. The Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner has a pH of 7, which means that the paint will not be corroded. As an added bonus, the shampoo contains a water repellent film that enables the vehicle to dry more quickly.

Autogylm also offers a Pressure Wash Shampoo, which comes ready to use and is specifically designed for your home pressure wash.


2. Polish

The second step is to polish the vehicle. Polishing helps to maintain the glossiness of the paint and that of the wheels, whilst also increasing visibility in the interior. It will eliminate any light scratches and scuffs. A good polish is recommended to keep your car looking brand new.

The Autoglym Super Resin Polish is recommended for both old and new vehicles. Remember, a little polish goes a long way.

For the tires, an Instant Tire Dressing is applied to enhance the look of the tires, making them look brand spanking new.

Autoglym Fast Glass Polish will make it seem as though there is nothing between you and the outside world!


3. Protect

Lastly, the third part of the routine is to protect. Protecting the wheels, bodywork and interior maintains the appearance of the car, whilst making it easier to wash it the next time it goes through the three step routine.

Autoglym’s Aqua Wax is a two in one combo that allows you to wax your car and dry it at the same time. The Leather Care Balm will leave the leather in your car shiny, and easy to clean, preventing stains in the future.

Autoglym Wheel Protector will keep your alloys protected from the harsh elements they face on a daily basis. This will prevent your wheels from undergoing an accelerated aging appearance; newer for longer!

Autoglym’s three step routine is an easy and effective way to take care of your car and leave it looking brand new. With a team of trained technicians using quality products to care of your car, South East vehicle Valeting is the company to turn to if you want the work done by someone else; Autoglym is the brand to use at home!