There is nothing more frustrated for a car enthusiast or owner than a scratch or scrape on their previously new looking car. Bumper scuffs from careless drivers are a source of frustration for all drivers, including our team at South East Vehicle Valeting. As drivers ourselves we strive to put our valeting skills to work to keep your car looking like the day you bought it.


Many people put off these cosmetic repairs because they have a pre conceived notion that fixing their bumper scrape is going to be expensive. South East Vehicle Valeting makes it easy by providing a 25% discount when you use more than one of our valeting services at the same time. Our team is always aware that money matters to you; this is why we provide the highest quality service at the best possible price every time.


Finishing Services

One of the most important aspects of bodywork repairs is taking the time to do the full job correctly every time. For the South East Vehicle Valeting team this means ensuring spot painting is done correctly and properly integrated with sanding, polishing, and buffed so that your vehicle looks like brand new.


Paint Scratch Repair

One of the most common complaints vehicle owners have is scratch in their paint including on the bumper. In some cases where light scratching is present our team can “buff out” the scratches using a polishing tool. Where the scratches break the surface of the paint, it will need to be sanded, painted, and then refinished to match the rest of the car. As bumpers are more often than not fiberglass, if the scratch is more than superficial a different process will need to be used to repair it.


Bumper Scratches

Many bumpers on cars are made with a fiberglass material, that while durable tends to break and scratch. Our team of experts at South East Vehicle Valeting can repair these breaks and scratches in your bumpers.


For scratches, if they are deep they will require us to use auto industry grade repair putty. This fills in the scratches so we can once again achieve a smooth bumper.


Many of our customers wrongly believe their only option is to outright replace the bumper, but it can be repaired. In the case of dents and breaks in the bumpier the repair process is a little more complex. It requires the addition of fiberglass to rebuild the damaged part of the bumper, and then painting to make it look brand new.