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Carbon accumulates in the engine of your vehicle as a result of unburnt fuel. This can reduce its performance and shorten its lifespan. The old method of removing carbon deposits was like open heart surgery.

A mechanic had to open up your engine, apply chemicals and scrape away carbon for hours. This method wasn’t thorough. Most mechanics only removed carbon from the cylinder head, intake valve and inlet manifold whilst carbon deposits remained in the engine system.

South East Vehicle Valeting offers access to an advanced technology that is non-chemical based, removes carbon deposits and ensures your engine runs smoothly. The process takes just 30 minutes and the effect is instant.

Every technician in our team is certified, fully trained and experienced. We are renowned for delivering exceptional services to residents of Sussex. We are fully insured and our gear is CE-certified.

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How does our engine carbon clean work?

Our advanced engine carbon cleaning process uses water to create oxygen and hydrogen, which pass through your engine’s air intake and out through the exhaust system. This process is known as OxyHydrogen or HHO. By injecting the gas into the engine, it releases hard-to-reach carbon deposits that prevented the engine from running properly.

We begin with pre-checks to ensure that all engine fluids are correct. We also conduct a visual check for damaged pipes and leaks. Next, we carry out a diagnostic procedure, and if there are no issues, we begin the carbon clean process.

A mechanic loosens the air intake pipe and pushes in the pipe that carries HHO into the system. It is not forced but drawn in naturally whilst the engine runs. As the carbon clean is happening, you’ll notice that your car sounds quieter, and at the end of the clean, there is a clear difference when you rev up your car engine.

Why do you need a carbon clean?

Carbon build-up usually leads to serious problems that are expensive to fix, such as problems with the diesel particulate filter, exhaust gas recirculation issues, injector problems, inlet manifold and turbo issues. A carbon clean could fix the issue and prevent a recurrence.

It is great for any type of vehicle, whether powered by diesel or petrol. Preventive engine cleaning restores engine parts. You save money on replacing car parts, such as a catalytic converter, EGR valve and turbocharger. A dirty engine is a threat to vehicle performance.

Note that carbon cleaning won’t fix things in your car that are broken or fully blocked as those might need to be changed. But if dirt is the problem, it cleans it up and slows further buildup.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We have a high satisfaction rate with our clients, read what they have to say about us below

When the car was returned it looked brand new, immaculate interior and a vastly improved exterior. I’d highly recommend South East Vehicle Valeting to anyone.

Adam Craig
“Google Review”

Such an amazing job given the timescales. My partner always leaves the car in such a mess and the turnaround was great. Will definitely be using South East Vehicle Valeting again.

Ian McQueenChris Batterick
“Google Review”

An excellent service, collected my car on time, and when it came back, well what an amazing job, I have used other local companies in the past, but this valet far surpassed anything that they have done.

Ian McQueenLee Pritchett
“Google Review”

What are the benefits of carbon cleaning?

  • Safe for the environment (eco-friendly)
  • No need to dismantle your engine
  • Powerful, smoother engine performance
  • Immediate results
  • Quieter engine
  • Enhanced driving experience
  • Revitalized inlet system
  • 100% green technology
  • No additives or chemicals used in carbon clean
  • Save money on car repairs and maintenance costs
  • Improve exhaust emission and engine efficiency
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Extend engine life
  • Prevent wear and tear on expensive engine parts, such as spark plug and EGR valve
  • Remove carbon deposits from any engine
  • Improved MPG

Why choose us?

  • Fully insured with CE Marking
  • UK designed carbon clean units
  • A fully trained team of agents in Sussex
  • Complete carbon clean within 30 minutes
  • We maintain a high standard of efficient carbon clean
  • Attention to detail.

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