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Car valeting in Hayward Heath: what to expect from the professionals


For the uninitiated, it is often difficult to distinguish car detailing from everyday car washing or car valeting services in Haywards Heath.  This is why it is easy to allow amateurs to provide the service for you. If you are looking for car detailing (in the true sense) in Hayward Heath, you can only get it from experienced Haywards Heath car valeting professionals.

What is car detailing?

With car detailing, your car will be deep cleaned, decontaminated, corrected, and protected from top to bottom and from inside out. A durable finish is applied at the end to give your car the appearance of being new.

When done properly, car detailing will leave your car looking closer to the standards it met when you first took it out of the showroom.  This is because the best car valeting experts in Haywards Heath know how to care for your car and pay attention to detail as though your car were in a new car preparation plant.

Professional car detailing offers services that are very different from what may be found in everyday car wash centres and car valeting businesses in Hayward Heath. If you value your car, you wouldn’t hesitate to invest in car detailing from a world class valeting service like ours, here at South East Valeting.

The process will ensure your vehicle is kept in the very best conditions, maximizing both the pleasure you get from using it and its value, should you decided it is time to move ion for something bigger (or smaller, as the case may be).

Car detailers are truly in love with cars

If you are present during the detailing process, you may be marvelled at the extent the car detailing professionals will go to in order to ensure the car is in a perfect condition and meets their lofty standards. Given our high standards, it is not uncommon for cars to stay more than a week in the detailing workshop. Only people with immense passion for cars and determination to achieve aesthetic perfection, that is sure to last, can give you the right results with your car detailing.

Safe washing of your car is the first port of call

During the detailing process, the car is subjected to a contactless pre-wash process, cutting the possibility of damaging the paintwork due to the moving of dirt particles across the surface during the following stages of washing.

This is a very important part of the washing process, allowing the removal of most of the dirt and grime without touching the vehicle. Using safe, high quality products and a pressure washing system makes sure the car is clean and free from potential scratch hazards.

The two-bucket wash method, using microfiber wash mitts, follows. Some of the products used during the wet work of the car detailing process include detailing clay, iron contaminant remover, tar remover, body work shampoo, non-acid wheel cleaner, snow foam, and citrus degreasers. Proper use of these products will help ensure removal of all traces of dirt and grime, tree sap, algae, bird droppings, road tar, oil, brake dust and all other such contaminants that will bond themselves to the exterior of your vehicle.

Other parts of the car cleaned during the wet works are the engine, engine bay, door shuts, wheel arches and wheels.

Correction of the paintwork

As soon as the car is washed and decontaminated, the paint corrective work is prepared. This is the part of the process that requires the highest level of skill, as it will determine the final result. It is therefore important for you to ensure that only a skilled and highly experienced professional takes on the process.

The corrective work entails the use of a wide range of machine polishers, polishing pads and compounds, paint depth gauges, and other equipment.  The paint depth gauge is vital as it helps the professionals to know how much paint is available on any particular panel.

Wet sanding could also come in handy, for instance when dealing with deeper scratches or bird dropping etchings. Vulnerable edges and creases are covered up using tape to protect them from potential damage at this point.

Corrective paint work can take as little as a few hours and it can also take a few days depending on several factors including the type, condition, and hardness of the paint as well as the size and type of the vehicle. Scratch and stone chip repairs are equally carried out during the paint correction stage using colour specific touch-up paint. Headlight restoration is also carried out if required.

Paint protection and car interior detailing

At the end of the paint protection work, the vehicle is safely washed and dried again. This ensures it will be ready for the application of paintwork protection.  There is a wide range of paintwork protection options to choose from.  Professional car valeting services in Hayward Heath, like us here at South East Valeting, will show you the options available when you book a car detailing session.   These include synthetic waxes, polymer-based sealants, carnauba wax, and ceramic coatings.

Interior detailing is also vital to give your car the complete showroom appearance.  With interior detailing, the inside of your car will be thoroughly cleaned and deodorised. Stains will be removed to restore the interior of your car to the very highest level.

This a complete look at what you should expect when you submit your car for detailing in any car valeting service in Hayward Heath.