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Caring for red paintwork

Bright red is one of the most popular colours for cars in the UK. A certain type of person tends to buy a red car: usually someone adventurous who genuinely loves driving, a motorist who wants to capture that Ferarri feeling even if they don’t quite have the budget.

Because this is a popular colour choice for those who genuinely care about their vehicles, we tend to get a lot of customers with red cars. Often, they come to us with the same problem: paintwork that has become faded and “milky” coloured.

There is a scientific reason that red paintwork tends to fade much more quickly than other colours. It’s because it absorbs more light, and more ultra violet radiation in particular. The ultra violet wavelength is the harshest type and most damaging wavelength of light, so while your red car completely reflects all red light (the least damaging), it is forced to deal with all of that harsh radiation and will become faded as a result. White paint will reflect all light, so it tends to last for the longest amount of time. Other colours will absorb varying wavelengths of light, meaning their longevity varies, and red absorbs all of the harshest light, meaning it lasts for the least amount of time of all.

When you add the natural surface oxidation that occurs in all cars to the fading effect of the paint, the result is a milky effect that makes the paint turn from bright red to an insipid shade of pink, a bit like a strawberry milk shake. It’s not an attractive shade for a car at all, and miles away from the bold look that owners of red cars are looking for.

Many owners of red cars assume that their paintwork can only be restored to its former glory by a complete new paint job. This just isn’t true. We’ve got a fantastic process that is perfectly suited to making a red car just as bright and shiny as it was when it came out of the factory.

We use a special compound to cut through the top layer of oxidation, which reveals the brightness underneath. Using a top quality product is paramount to the successful execution of this process. The last thing you want to do is remove too much, damaging the paint even more. This might cause a short term improvement in the shade of the paint, but in the long term it will cause your car’s appearance to degrade further. And of course, you don’t want to use a product that removes too little. This means that you aren’t going to achieve a good result.

If you’ve got a red car that has become faded give us a call and we’ll restore it to its former glory.