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Do You Really Need to Wax Your Car?

Short answer? Yes! Modern cars may incorporate wonderful new finishes on their paint, but to keep them extra shiny and protected, you still need to wax regularly.

Before car companies starting putting more thought and innovation into their paint jobs, cars were manufactured with nothing protecting their paint. Waxing was even more important back then – the wax not only gave the finish a wonderful gloss, but it was also the only thing protecting the car’s paint job from the elements.

During the 1980s, car manufacturers began adding a clear coat on top of the paint to help seal and protect it from scratches. This is great for the paint, which can often go for the entire life of the car without being badly damaged, but now the clear coat itself can get dull and damaged over time. Especially if your car sits outside at night instead of in a garage, things like rain, hail, ultraviolet light, exhaust, dirt, bird droppings, smog and dead bugs all collude to ruin the clear coat.

Not waxing means that the clear coat on your car will have no additional protection, shortening its life and leaving your car looking dull. Waxing not only protects the clear coat, but it also provides an additional layer on top of your paint, so when you wash your car the dirt and grime on top are less likely to scratch the surface of your paint.

Luckily modern synthetic wax formulations make waxing easier and longer-lasting than ever, meaning that you only need to wax twice a year to maintain the protection of your clear coat (although if you want to wax more often, great!). You can even use spray-on wax in between full waxings to get maximum protection.

Regular waxing of your car will give your car the maximum, as well as extend the life (and beauty) of your paint job. Given the expense of a new car or even just a new paint job, we think this small investment is well worth it.