How long does it take for the carpeting and seats to completely dry after they've been shampooed?

Throughout the winter time it may take up to half a day. In the summer season, drying time can be around 3 to 4 hours.

Do you offer a collection and delivery service

Yes, South East Vehicle Valeting offer a collection and delivery service, please call to make sure we are in your area.

Do I have to be present whilst you valet my vehicle?

No you don’t need wait whilst your vehicle is being valeted. Here at South East Vehicle Valeting We will Undertake all the work at our unit and such the car will be ready at a time that is suitable for you Leaving you to carry on your day as planned.

My paint work has lost its shine. Can I get the glow back?

Yes South East Vehicle Valeting will utilize a product which will restore the paintwork as near to its first colour if not thoroughly back to new. This is dependent upon how far the attenuation has gone ie years of negligence.

Can you remove brake dust, tar and pitch marks from wheels?

Yes, no problem for south east vehicle valeting.

Can you remove road tar from my car?

Yes, we stock the appropriate cleaning products that will remove road tar from your car.

Do you provide services to commercial customers?

Yes we do. Please phone us for more details.

What products do you use?

All the products we use at South East Vehicle Valet are produced by Auto Glym. Auto Glym have an exceptional marketplace leading selection of products which we love using, also giving superb every time to results.

What happens if it's raining, or bad weather conditions will that affect the valet?

No. At South East Vehicle Valeting Weather Conditions will not interfere with your vehicle being valeted as we have an undercover Unit where all vehicles are valeted and such even when you collect your vehicle it will be undercover to show you its full appearance without interfering with it due to weather conditions

What payments do you accept?

We accept Cash, Bacs and most debit/credit cards. We do not accept American Express credit or charge cards.

What's difference between a Polish and a Wax?

The difference between a Polish and a Wax is the fact that a Polish on your car will behave as a moisturiser to your paintwork.  Polish enriches the colour and lustre where as a wax will add glow and provide a protective coating by sealing the paintwork. South East Vehicle Valet recommend using Auto Glym High Definition Wax for that greatest finish and also would also suggest that you shine or wax your auto after every 3 \” 6 washes.

Do I need to book my vehicle in or can I simply turn up?

Unfortunately at South East Vehicle Valeting all new & existing customers will need to book a valet with us

Usually we ask all customers to book in advance usually we require 7 days notice due to our services being in high demand

However if you are in an emergency !!! please call us and we will try to cater for your needs if we can

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Why should I not use an automatic car wash?

The substances and detergents used are quite aggressive as they are designed to remove the dirt and road grime in the quickest possible time by the rollers. This leaves your paintwork with a huge number of minute scratches from the rotating rollers, that’ll eventually lead to faded paintwork and oxidisation. In case your car has suffered from frequent visits an automatic vehicle wash and you’d like it to appear its best again, either for yourself or, maybe, because you’re thinking of selling it, then let us help. We can remove all the car wash damage by machine polishing the bodywork, then finishing it off using a quality hardwearing wax, to make an astonishing finish.

Are all your staff trained:

Yes here at South East Vehicle Valeting all our staff are trained to the highest standard we make sure that all staff attend the correct training courses available to the trade no matter what.

So you should rest assure that your vehicle will be valeted by a compentant valeter who has the skills and experience to valet your vehicle safely and to the highest standard.

Do you charge to remove Pet hair from vehicles?

Sometimes we will add a small charge to the cost of a valet, if we feel that there is excess pet hair to remove.

This task can add another hour to the valet, sometimes 2 hours in extreme cases, and therefore an excess charge will be made.

However this will be discussed prior to any work carried out .

How often should I have an exterior valet?

We recommend that the exterior is at least washed once a week, especially in winter, as road salt can cause damage to your paint work if left on the vehicle for to long a period.

We also recommend that interiors should be cleaned every 2-4 weeks depending how often the vehicle is used this is will in turn keep your car from excess build of grime & dirt and intern will save you money in the long term.

Is there a cancellation fee charged if i am unable to get my car valeted on the day i have booked?

48 hours notice for cancellations is required – less than 48 hours notice will be charged at £25 or 50% of order, whichever is the greater.

However if you do re-book your valet with us we will return the amount paid to us on completion.

If i require my engine cleaned do i need to sign a consent form?

Yes here at South East Vehicle Valeting if you require your engine cleaned you will need to sign a consent form prior to the valet commencing to enable us to carry ou the required work as all engines are cleaned at owners risk and such we take no responsability if any damaged is caused.

Are South East Vehicle Valeting insured:

Yes, South East Vehicle Valeting are Fully insured upto £5,000,000

We are also Fully insured to collect & deliver any customers vehicle upto the value of £1,000,000

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