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Getting The Best Clean For Your Car: Top Tips

Are you tired of paying every time you need to wash your car thoroughly?  Do you want to stop harming your car’s finish? Here are some tips that will help you get the best clean for your car.

  • Do not begin by sponging your car before you’ve rinsed it. Rinsing it with a hose ensures you won’t be moving dirt all around the car with a sponge, making scratches and scuffs.
  • Don’t ignore the wax. High quality wax ensures your car is adequately protected against the elements. The wax will get defaced before your paint, ensuring that your paint will remain unmarked in the face of fairly harsh environmental conditions.
  • Wash your wheels only when they are cold. If you spray cold water on to hot wheels, they contract rapidly and stress the chrome. Flaked chrome is unsightly.
  • When cleaning the car’s windows it is difficult to avoid streaking if you are washing under direct sunlight and heat. If you must wash out of the shade, save the windows until the last wash. While washing your windows, don’t forget to wash the entire specific window by lowering it an inch to reach the part hidden away when it is fully up.
  • When washing the interior, put your heater blower on full blast as you dust out the vents. If you haven’t cleaned the interior for a while, large amounts of dust can build up.
  • Finally, to make your car gleam, you need wash your car by hand. Automatic car washes offer great convenience, but the results don’t compare. To wash by hand, you need soap. Washing up liquid should be avoided. A proper car shampoo, as can be found in the Autoglym range of products, is obviously best.

What are the best Autoglym car shampoos?

Standard Autoglym Shampoo

This ph-neutral shampoo is a perfect reflection of the Autoglym quality.  It is safe for all wax and polish but features a conditioner, which adds polymers to improve the gloss. It also helps the drying stage by dewatering. The Standard Autoglym Car Shampoo is very concentrated, therefore it foams extremely well, making it great value for money.

Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner

This is one of the first shampoos to feature conditioners and rust inhibitors. This Autoglym Shampoo conditioner is PH neutral and features a very pleasant smell.

Using it, you can give your car a magnificent gloss without worrying about damage to the nooks and crannies you can’t easily reach.

This shampoo also features premium polymers, making it more refined than standard wax-based shampoos. Premium polymers mean a more effective clean, whilst adding a water-repellent finish that will speed up drying and cut down on the amount  of grime you have to deal with during the next clean.

The bodywork shampoo conditioner can be used on any car. For the best results, and ultimate shine, use it in combination with the Autoglym Super Resin Polish, or HD Wax.