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Are your vehicle headlights dull or faded? Have they started to turn yellow?

You can trust South East Vehicle Valeting to get them looking new in just a few hours. We will help you save money that would otherwise be spent on replacement lenses. Our customers across Sussex and beyond have been left ecstatic at the end of our headlights restoration process. You can too!


  • Proper removal of scratches

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

  • Improved Driving Safety

  • Cost Saving

  • No Headlight Alignment Change

  • Up To 3 Years’ Guarantee

  • Highly Experienced Professionals

  • Approved OEM Products Only

In the past, vehicle headlights were made of glass. Towards the end of the 80s, polycarbonate plastic slowly began taking over as car manufacturers became more committed to improved aerodynamics with their designs. The resultant effect was headlights that are easily moulded, durable, strong and far safer than glass. However, the transition wasn’t without disadvantages.


Polycarbonate plastic is vulnerable to the elements due to its porous nature. During design and manufacture processes, a protective coating is applied to the lenses, which has UV inhibitors to keep plastic from deteriorating. Without adequate care, the protective coat will fail and eventually deteriorate. When this happens, your lens will get cloudy and hazy, develop a yellow tint, flake and oxidize. Depending on the stage of deterioration, this could mean losing up to 70% of overall visibility and headlight performance.


Worn headlights do not only impact negatively on aesthetics. In such conditions, your vehicle becomes a risk on the roads at night.


Even your headlight covers must be in the right condition.


If the pattern of light has to pass through cracks, holes or even scratching, it will be altered and you could end up with an MOT fail. Another reason for MOT failure is the inability of the examiner to determine a distinctive cut off point due to the presence of a blurry beam pattern.


Headlight restoration is not just significantly less costly than a complete replacement, the results can remain for years. Your car will not only look sharper and become safer for night driving; you will be contributing your quota to environmental sustainability, and your car won’t fail its MOT on headlight performance.



We use some of the best tools in the industry to restore your lenses. At the end of our restoration session, your headlights will be left looking close to the condition of a newly factory fitted headlight; with the attendant costs.

We want you to stop driving a vehicle that not only looks old but puts you and your family in danger when you drive in low light conditions.

Our headlights restoration service is open to everyone in Sussex and nearby areas, and we can work on any vehicle model to the same spectacular standards we have become popular for. We are a team of dedicated professionals using modern, proven techniques in the restoration of your headlamps. Bring back their former glory!



Yes! Lightly faded or oxidised headlights are regarded as an ‘advisory’ when the vehicle is subjected to MOT testing.  Depending on the extent of oxidisation, your lights could be the main reason for an MOT failure. Harsh chemicals used in the average car wash sometimes escalate the degradation process. It is easy to fail MOT tests because modern headlights are prone to degradation with constant exposure to the elements.

With our headlight restoration service, we will not only restore the appearance of your headlights, we will help your lights pass your MOT test.


We completely disassemble the lamps and the old plate/paint is stripped chemically from the bodies and rims. We repair the rims and bodies where necessary to improve the weak patches or holes. We use new bodies, rims and reflectors, if necessary, and we are also capable of reproducing badges and other similarly intricate elements. We use the silversmithing technique at every stage to ensure we retain the build quality, while delivering final results that impress. Our lamp pieces are then buffed and polished to make sure that the surface of the lamps are free from dents and ripples. This is vital to ensure successful electroplating. We get the lamp parts painted or plated using copper first. After that, we apply nickel and chromium in the second and third stages respectively. After the plating, your headlight is assembled and tested.

Repair process- Your lamp is repaired with dents removed carefully with meticulous attention to detail.
Buffing process- At this stage, the lamp body is buffed. We use a large buffing wheel and we are able to generate a perfectly smooth finish using a mixture of ground pumice in light oil.
Polish- The lamp body is polished using a spindle, as well as soft brushes and a rogue polish.
Plating- During this process, the lamp body, rims etc. are plated.
Assembly- At the end of the process, the lamp is assembled carefully with the lenses and electrical components refitted.

Do you have vehicle headlight lenses that have become dull or faded? Are the headlights beginning to yellow?


We are the leading name in Sussex for headlight restoration.  We have the requisite expertise to restore your headlights to as nearly new as possible; and within a day. There will be no need for replacement with new lenses. You will save money and get headlights to be proud of once more.

Immaculate Headlights In No Time

We have products that are designed to clean, seal, polish and protect your headlights. Our products will help you eliminate cloudiness and discolouration to provide you with top quality night visibility and a fresh new look for your vehicle. We will help you achieve improved functionality for your headlights and save you from breaking the bank on new ones.


Our process of headlight restoration comprises several stages. One of them, the sand-out stage, is broken down into a further 5 stages to ensure that scratches and imperfections are dealt with completely. You get the idea that we take a pretty thorough approach to the restoration of your headlights in Sussex.


You are guaranteed lens cleaning, sanding and polishing with a range of chemicals which promptly bring back the shine and clarity to your headlights.  After polishing, we cover your lens with a UV hard coating, which we apply in its liquefied form. It is treated and stabilised using a UV lamp to deliver that perfect new look.  The additional UV protection also ensures your headlights will continue to function optimally for at least 3 years.

What We Offer:

  • Restoration of cloudy and dull headlights
  • Removal of scuffs and scratches
  • Improvement of night visibility
  • UV protection
  • MOT Test passes
  • Best quotes in Sussex
  • And a lot more


Most headlight lenses on the road today are made from plastic. This means they are prone to the effects of adverse weather and wear and tear from the road conditions. Harsh chemicals from the engines and fumes and ultraviolet rays wear down the plastic material used in the formation of headlights. This causes them to wear-out from the outside in. This leads to cloudiness, which impacts negatively on visibility therefore making the vehicle unsafe for night driving.


Cloudy headlights are not only an aesthetic negative. Many people are oblivious of the fact that cloudy headlights can reduce light output by as much as 95 per cent. When light output is affected by such a wide margin, your ability to see and be seen whilst driving in low light conditions will be severely affected.


It is important to ensure your headlights are in good form. You will fail an MOT test if there are factors that alter the pattern of light passing through. Some of these factors include scratches, holes and cracks. When the beam pattern is blurry your MOT test examiner will be unable to figure out the right cut off point, leading to a failed test.


All of our customers in Sussex and neighbouring counties enjoy a quality, personal service. Give us a call today for a free quote on your headlight restoration project.

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Contact us today to begin the process of bringing your headlights back to life. We offer one of the best headlight restoration services in Sussex; at a competitive price.  With us, you are certain of lens cleaning, sanding and polishing with chemicals that will bring back the shine and clarity to your headlights.  At the end of the restoration process, you lens will be covered with UV hard coating, which can be applied in its liquefied form. With our headlights restoration service, you are guaranteed optimal functionality for at least the next 3 years.


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