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How To Keep Your Vehicle As Clean As Possible

Your car can get messy very quickly. However, there are simple tips that will help ensure you aren’t driving around in a dirty car half the time. This piece takes a look at some of them.

Vacuum Properly

Put a car vacuuming attachment on your household vacuum to properly clean every corner of your car.  Floor mats should be removed and cleaned outside the car for a thorough clean. When you are done cleaning, use a soft brush attachment to clean your doors, dashboards and all other hard surface areas. These are areas that can get very dusty quickly.

Clean Leather With An Appropriate Cleaner

Spray leather cleaner on all leather areas, allow it to stay on for a while, then wipe down. There is usually enough dirt to leave you more than a little bit surprised.  After cleaning the leather areas, apply a leather conditioner on the cleaned surfaces. This will give the leather adequate protection and keep it supple.

Treat The Surface Of Your Car With Utmost Care

Just like you wouldn’t allow stains on your carpet for long, do not drive about with stains on the upholstery of your car. Allowing a stain to settle in could permanently damage that area. Similarly, you wouldn’t use just any product to treat your living room carpet. Only use approved cleaning materials when cleaning your car. Paint-cleaning clay, microfiber cloths and chemical paint cleaners are some of the materials you should have in your possession for the paintwork. Quality car cleaning products will help with the interior.

Clean Tires With Non-Acid Products

When you use acid based cleaners for your tires, alloy wheels can pit and oxidize. They are also known for damaging wheels painted with clear coatings or coloured.  You can use degreasers when cleaning your tires but do not use detergents. They can damage paint when splashed onto your car’s surface.  Always clean your wheels and tires before cleaning other parts of the car.

Clean The Windows Properly

Dirty or blurry windows will deface your car regardless of how clean it is on the inside and how shiny the exterior is.  To properly clean your windows, use window cleaner and a soft lint-free cloth to clean both sides. Don’t forget to lower your window a bit while cleaning so you can clean off the dust and dirt that accumulates at the top.

Deal With Bad Odours

In some cases, you will find your car smelling badly even after a cleaning session. Spritz carpeted area with an air freshener of your choice.  Homemade products featuring essential oils are more personal and can work well.

Regular Maintenance

Try as you might, clutter and dirt will pile up in your car. That’s the nature of the entropy. Using a towel to swipe at the exterior and spraying water on the windscreen can only go so far.  Every month at least, take out time to remove trash from inside the car and take it to a car valeting shop. Your car is an extension of your home. Do not allow it to go beyond a month without a regular clean. DIY sometimes, but for a really thorough, professional job, opt for a professional valeting company on a regular basis.