There are a great many auto body shops that will try to upsell their dent repair services by convincing you that you also need to paint your vehicle. The truth is, it is often unnecessary to do any painting if modern dent removal techniques are used.


South East Vehicle Valeting is all about the latest technology. Our team of expert dent removal specialists is expert in removing dents, and because we know you are on a budget, it is only £50 per panel. Further if you also get a valeting service at the same time you will get a 25% discount on the second service completed during the same appointment.


What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair is a relatively new process for removing dents from the body of a vehicle without needing to paint it. Generally these dents are relatively minor in nature, and can be used as long as the dent has not breached the surface of the paint. Generally paintless dent removal is used to fix damage caused by hailstorms, other card doors, and shopping carts.


The biggest reason for using paintless dent removal over traditional dent removal is the amount of money saved during the repair. Insurance companies and individuals save thousands by using this process. In fact even when painting is required it can save money by minimizing the need for fillers in large dents.


It works by using tools placed behind the panels of the car, to push out the dent. The technician then picks and metal rods behind the panel manipulate the position of the metal, and a series of lights and indicators to let them know when they have reached the desired height. After the dent has been removed it is tapped down in order to match the rest of the car, leaving it dent free.


How do I know If I can use Paintless Dent Removal?

Paintless dent removal can only be used without painting if the surface of the paint is not broken inside of the dent. It is also limited by the elasticity of the paint on the particular vehicle. Some signs to look for include:


  • Visible Metal In the Dent – If there is visible metal the paint is probably broken.
  • Age of the vehicle – Older paints have less elasticity than newer paints. Most of the new vehicles on the road have paint on them that can withstand the paintless dent removal process.
  • Depth of the Dent – Overall the deeper the dent the harder it will be to repair.