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Specialist Vehicle Valet Service

When you’re looking for top quality car valeting services, you’re really looking for three things. Those things are as follows. That they are: 1 professional, 2 reliable, and 3 eco-friendly. Of course you need work that will be carried out to the highest of standards, and with a particular scrutiny and attention to detail.

You might be wondering why it’s necessary to use a valet service as opposed to just, whacking your car in a car wash at the supermarket or petrol garage. Not a bad idea on the face of it, although what you’re really facing when you do this is a below par shoddy service.

Use a valet that goes through the extra effort. One service needed in particular is a fresh water wash. Some companies use the same water used to wash other cars on that same day, and sometimes without even sterilizing or cleaning tools and materials required, which leads to transferring muck, mud, and stones onto your paint job you’re trying to preserve.

There are a lot of particular specialist services that some valets don’t cover, so you need to put that extra bit of effort in when searching for one in your area. One very common scenario in which a specialist valet service is required will be very familiar to you driving instructors out there reading this.

Our friends at Smart Drive UK, a local driving school frequently encounter the following situation: It’s the day of a student’s driving test. All that money and all those hours come down to this day, and their independence is on the line, as well as a potential ribbing from their friends if they fail. The nerves kick in and suddenly; unfortunately, they ‘re sick in the instructor’s car. This is actually an extremely common occurrence, and you’d be surprised how hard pressed you’d be to land a local valet company like outs that can truly eradicate the stain and odor.  It’s even trickier still as the cars are registered for a specific use and aren’t just a personal vehicle.

What you get with South East Vehicle Valeting is a valet service that not only does this for you, but does it quickly and to a commercial standard expected for a car being used for a driving test. First, they really require the proper tools for odor removable with results. This can generally be multi purpose, not only removing the vomit smell, but it’d also get rid of any spilt milk and coffee, nicotine, alcohol, and anything else that has happened to unleash itself over the course of the cars lifetime.

Then you’d need a thorough deep cleaning and sterilisation of all carpets, fabric upholstery and hard surfaces which will not only contribute to the odors, but will get rid of any bacteria. As a government institution, instructor cars cannot run the risk of being the reason for further sickness and illness.

If you’re looking for the full works, find a valet service that will strip out the interiors including seats and trim to allow them beneath the carpet, which might be the centre of the problem. Again this is specialist service, so do your research!