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Supagard vs Autoglym Lifeshine

When you by a car you want to keep it in as good a condition as you can. The main way to do this is to use paintwork and interior protection to make the surfaces more durable and resistant to environmental hazards. If you have decided to do so then you may be stuck when coming to choose between Supagard and Autoglym and other car protection systems. This article will help you choose between these two leaders in the protection business.

Similarities between Supagard and Autoglym Lifeshine

Both companies essentially do the same thing with their services. They both protect the interior, and the exterior of your vehicle by coating them with a special surface substance to make them more resistant to the elements. They both claim to be the leading company in the market, so who do you believe?

The paint protection

The paint protection offered by both Supagard and Autoglym Lifeshine is certainly effective. Both claim to have impressive and long effects on the quality of your paintwork. Autoglym Lifeshine comes out on top on this area of protection. The paintwork stays in better condition for longer. This is down to the patented technology that they use – Carbon Shield Technology. The way in which this binds to the paintwork using liquid carbon makes for a stronger bond and therefore more lasting effect. It locks in the quality of the paint in a more robust, permanent fusion. That’s the science out of the way. In summary it makes your paint look deeper and shinier forever.

Upholstery protection

Both Supagard and Autoglym Lifeshine do a great job when it comes to protecting your fabrics, vinyl and leather. It is difficult to split the two services on this function. If you had to give a winner one way it would be Autoglym Lifeshine, because of their lifetime guarantee and the way there products coat the fibres of your upholstery multiple times to ensure a complete coverage that is durable and long-lasting.

The truth is that both Supagard and Autoglym Lifeshine are cracking products that will help to keep your car pristine for the duration of your ownership. If you’re going to choose one or the other, then Autoglym Lifeshine, with its lifetime guarantee, is the way that you should go. It is a product from a quality company, and you get provided with a lot of advice and guidance which will help you to keep your car in the condition that you purchased it.

Indeed, the after sales service from Autoglym Lifeshine is friendly and professional, and you can expect quick results if you find any issues with your upholstery or paintwork that are covered by the Warranty. If anything fades then just let them know and you will have a technician available to you in no time at all.

These treatments preserve the value of your car and give you peace of mind throughout your ownership.  Thousands of new car owners take advantage of the opportunity every day; for good reason.