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Tips to get your car clean when planning a road trip with friends

A road trip with friends can be the high point of your year. Whether during the hot summer or the cooler winter; it’s an exciting way to arrive to surf the waves in Biarritz or reach the French Alps to ride some fresh powder on your snowboard. What’s more, it can work out cheaper for a group of you to take turns on the driving than to fly or take the train.

But what is the most important thing to take into consideration when driving long distances? I think you’ve guessed it – the interior of your car MUST be clean. Your mates don’t want to put up with the debris and mess from all those hurried drives to work which have left your car strewn with rubbish and the stale smell of old food. So how is the best way to go about getting the inside of your car road-trip fresh?

Begin with the interiors

The first of the dirt demons that you must slay is dust. The trick to a good dusting is to understand what not to do. Don’t use soap and water to clean anything except the mats on the floor. These can be pulled out and washed individually and then left to dry. As far as the dusting goes use yellow dusting cloths and wipe every surface carefully to ensure they are dust free. Once you are done get a vacuum cleaner and go over the floor areas and all corners to leave things spotless.

Washing the exterior

This is the fun part, and easily the bit you can ask for help from your mates with. Get out the hose or if you don’t have one a number of buckets of warm water. It’s best to start off with just plain water and give the car a good old going over to clear off the dirt and the dust on the outside. Once this is done then it’s time to use soap water and sponges to scrub and clean it. Top tip: make sure your car windows are closed otherwise you might find the inside gets a little bit moist! Always make sure to wash the car in a shady cool place as the direct sun can make the soapy water evaporate leaving patches of dried soap scum.


The finishing touch to making your car have that extra bit of bling is to make sure those windows are sparkling clean! This is something that first time car cleaners don’t always get right so it’s best to follow a few important rules. Firstly make sure to use a good quality class cleaner as these are designed to disappear without leaving a nasty residue. Remember to cover all the windows as well as the rear view mirrors. If you come across bird mess or other such encrustations you can use paper towels or old newspaper to scrape these off. Wipe in circles to make sure you don’t leave streaky marks and to ensure a spotless dazzling finish.

And that’s it! Now it’s time to plan for your road trip and to show off you shiny new-looking motor to your friends! Happy driving!