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Top 5 Valeting Tips: Wash, Wax, Polish

For the car lover, we know your vehicle is everything; we know you take great pride in caring for your car, and that includes its appearance.  Here are some top valeting tips to help you keep your car looking smart.


Car Wash? Hand Wash!

There is no doubt about it: the best wash for a car is a good old fashioned hand-wash.  But the biggest mistake most people make when hand-washing a car is to use household soaps or dishwashing detergents.  While this may clean off dirt and grime, it also removes that polish and fine wax coating. Without this protective layer, your car’s paint is dangerously exposed to scratches and nicks. To avoid this, use Autoglym’s high quality carwash shampoo and conditioner. Its pH formula stops the polish and wax from being removed during a washing. Moreover, the water repellant film helps water to roll off the car, allowing the car to dry quicker.  A microfiber drying cloth will help finish the job.

Protect Your Car’s Paint

Contaminants are a real problem for paint. From pollution to the acidic nature of bird-droppings, contaminants work their way through wax to damage your car’s paint. One way to protect your car’s paint is to remove the wax with a paint cleaner. (This also strips away any contaminants that have bonded to the paint, as well as small streaks known as swirl marks.)  Autoglym’s High Definition Cleanser will do the trick. Another method is to use a small chunk of clay that has been dowsed in a liquid cleaner wax (just make sure the clay is perfectly clean before using.)

Polish that Paint

Polish will smooth out the paint and makes your car shine with that new-car shine. While professionals may use a rotating polish machine, this can damage the paint if you are not careful or are new to this. But why spend money on an expensive machine when good old-fashioned muscle can do the trick just fine? Autoglym’s Super Resin Polish will work well for this method. Be sure to coat the car in thin, even lines with a clean cloth; then buff to shine with a finishing cloth.

Wax the Paint

Wax absorbs scratches before they make it to the paint. But wax will wear off over a few months’ time. To re-wax, Autoglym’s High Definition Wax is required. Apply wax with a damp foam sponge and rub on to the paint in small circles and allow it to dry (no need to apply a thicker layer). Buff with a microfiber cloth and your car will look brand new.

Wax with the Seasons

Since it is difficult to tell if the wax is wearing thin (or has come off completely), it is best to wax every season, particularly if your car spends a lot of time outdoors. If you suspect your wax is wearing thin, you may wish to use Autoglym’s Aqua Wax, which is perfect for “toping-up” your existing wax coating, and you can wax and dry simultaneously. If you suspect your wax has come off, or if it is the turning of a new season, you will certainly want to re-wax.