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The top five presents for the car cleaning enthusiast this Christmas

It’s always tough buying presents for that special someone in your life but there’s one thing everyone likes and that is having a clean car at Christmas. Forget buying your other half that novel that will inevitably get left on the shelf for a year and then politely donated to a local charity shop. Skip buying those unwanted pairs of socks, Christmas jumpers and other such toe covers. This year buy the car cleaning enthusiast in your life something from our Christmas car cleaning wish list.

This list has been compiled with the assistance of one of South East Vehicle’s own valeting experts and reflects the very best in affordable and practical car cleaning gift ideas. Show up at the in-laws on Boxing Day in a squeaky clean car both inside and out. Receiving these gifts on Christmas day has the added bonus of your significant other nipping off to clean the car on Christmas evening, giving you the best excuse ever to skip watching reruns of the same old James Bond movies for the umpteenth year running.

So, what’s on our list:

  1. The top of our list, and rightly so is the top quality Chamois Leather. Ideal for your car cleaning needs. It comes in a variety of sizes – anything from 3 square feet to 7 square feet this luxury cleaning accessory is the perfect way to show the car cleaning enthusiast you love exactly how much you love them on Christmas day.
  2. Next on our list is ‘Car Leather Care’ which is the ideal gift for any car owner who has leather seats in their vehicle. This is THE present to buy to keep those seats looking brand new this Christmas!
  3. Third place on the list is taken by the Autoglym Car Valeting Kit – an ideal gift to keep your car neat and tidy and in good condition between using a professional valeting service like South East Vehicle Valeting.
  4. Extra Large Microfibre Drying Towels – Great to dry your car with and great when used with Superspray.
  5. Superspray– this hose attachment makes it super easy to wash the car and mix in your favourite car shampoo at the same time!

I’m expecting there to be some happy car cleaning enthusiasts this Christmas and some very clean cars!