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Top Tips For Washing Your Car Glass

When washing your car streaking is often a major problem. It just seems it is near impossible to get a sparklingly clean window regardless of how hard you try, or the techniques you deploy.  This piece takes a look at some tips for better results.

Don’t spray cleaners straight onto the windows

When cleaning your car window you should start by spraying your cleaner lightly on an appropriate cloth instead of directly on the window surface.  This way you won’t have to chase dripping window cleaners, instead you will be focused on cleaning every bit of the window thoroughly. When cleaning, wipe the glass surface from the top using horizontal strokes. Do not leave any visible gaps. You can avoid this by cleaning in an overlapping manner. If you leave any visible gaps, you can be sure they will stick out like a sore thumb after the rest of the area has been cleaned.

Dry the window with a squeegee

To remove the window solution use a window squeegee to wipe the glass. Maintain horizontal strokes at this point as well and apply a good deal of pressure on the surface throughout the process. Cleaning in a horizontal manner ensures that all traces of cleaner is removed, leaving you with a clean and clear finish.

Polish and Dry with newspaper

A tip that some like to give your window an extra sparkle is polish the surface when it’s nearly dry with a crumpled up piece of newspaper. The ink used in some papers may leave smudge on the window when it’s wet so it is best to try this routine on a small area before extending it to the entire surface.

With these tips you can get better results through your car window cleaning process.

As we saw in the first tip, however, a good car window cleaner is vital to the success of the entire process. What are the best in the market?

Autoglym Car Glass Polish

This is a powerful cream based glass cleaner. It is masterfully designed to remove all forms of dirt from your windows, from side windows to rear windows and windscreens.  It works effectively for dirt on the exterior and interior.  This non-abrasive formula is easy to use and safe to use on all forms of glazing without fear of overuse.  When using it, be careful around the surrounding glass rim, as it could leave marks.

Autoglym Fast Glass

Fast glass is water based, unlike the polish above.  It is non-abrasive and can be used on all car windows, including acrylic and perspex.  When used with a quality microfiber towel, it can help remove all forms of dirt and grime from your car windows, leaving no streak when completed.  Fast Glass doesn’t leave any pungent fragrances behind and doesn’t have a high alcohol content.  Most importantly, it is economical, as you only need a little amount to clean your windows and achieve a result you will be proud of for along time!