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Vehicle Valeting – What You Need To Know

Your car is undoubtedly one of your most prized possessions.  It is no surprise that most car owners go out of their way to make sure it is taken care of. One way of achieving this is taking the car to a vehicle valeting shop.  This piece tells you all you need to know about vehicle valeting.

Two Buckets Are Used During Washing

Vehicle valeting businesses understand the fact that using two buckets is the best way to ensure a clean exterior. One bucket is used to hold the cleaning mixture and another is used for clean water.  The cleaning mitt is rinsed off in the clean water every time it goes to the car and needs to go back into the bucket holding the cleaning solution. Washing with only one bucket means dirt is moved from the car back into the cleaning solution and onto the car again.

Microfiber Is The Washing Material Of Choice

In a good vehicle valeting business, you are likely to find microfiber cloths and towels in use that are task-specific and colour coded. This is because they are low friction, leading to zero scratching. They are also easy to rinse and dry, providing a more efficient wash.

Trim Is Protected Before Waxing

After washing and drying a vehicle, waxing is the next step. Doing this without using trim protectants or restorers will stain your trim, thereby defeating the entire treatment process.  Protectants and trim restorers will repel polish and wax. In some cases masking tape is used to protect the trim in order to save time and ensure a shorter clean-up process.

Wax Is Removed With A Towel And Applied By A Power Buffer

In professional vehicle valeting businesses, mistakes, such as using a power buffer to remove polish or wax are avoided. When used to remove product, a buffer will leave inconsistent swirl marks on the exterior of the car and deface the paint.  Buffers are only used to apply wax or polish. Soft, dry cloth should be used for removal. Wax removed by a professional valeting business ensures your paint won’t be burnt and that the clear coat isn’t damaged. Also, the coat of wax will be spread out thinly and evenly.

Glass Is Dried In Two Directions

During the final wipe of car glass, a professional car valeting business will wipe the exterior in a vertical direction and wipe the interior in a horizontal direction.  This makes it easy to know where and streaks have formed without spending time on the process.

Professional Vehicle Valeting Businesses Are Fully Insured

If you have spent money on your dream car, it is only natural to ensure that it is in good hands and well-protected. With professional vehicle valeting businesses, you can rest assured that your car is adequately covered against any issues that may arise in the valeting process. In some cases, the insurance cover is up to £5,000,000, ensuring that all your claims can be settled, whatever car you have.